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About Us

About Us

“Large companies often inadvertently dilute or misreport valuable information gathered on site, or simply fail to deliver leading to costly project delays. We want to give our clients something bespoke, something they can rely on at a competitive price.” Matt Long – Director/Principal Surveyor

West Four were established in 2006 initially offering just asbestos surveys but have since grown each year to become a multidisciplinary consultancy.

West Four’s principal Consultants are highly qualified professionals having over 100 years technical and practical experience between them. Their knowledge and skill base have been obtained by working closely with industry and the insurance market and it is a prerequisite that our sub-consultants, sub-contractors and employees have a minimum of five years experience, and are fully qualified in their given field.

West Four are experts in the prevention of disease and the maintenance of health in the workplace. This is undertaken by identifying health hazards, evaluating the risk of death, disease, injury and advising on appropriate control measures to prevent or control those risks. We can help and support your business in the prevention and control of physical, chemical, biological health risks that arise within the workplace.

West Four will focus on providing sensible competent advice that allows the client to prevent or control risks, improve the working environment and comply with the law at minimal cost.

Matthew Long
Principle Surveyor (Asbestos)

Matt’s previous roles have included offering surveying and consultancy services for leading UK environmental consultancies along with UKAS accredited asbestos firms. He is used to delivering projects on time and within budget.

Greg Carrott
Senior Asbestos Surveyor / Project Manager

Greg's specific areas of expertise include asbestos surveying, abatement monitoring, supervision, project management, asbestos awareness training, and asbestos auditing. Greg also has experience in asbestos contaminated land investigation, risk assessments and fully inclusive technical specifications.

Lee Dawson
Asbestos Training & Auditing

Lee has over 21 years experience in the asbestos industry with proven experience as asbestos surveyor and project manager. Lee offers professional delivery of Asbestos Awareness & Non-Licensed Work Training

Neil Wainwright
Senior Health and Safety Consultant

Neil has managed a number of property portfolios to ensure health, safety, fire and Legionella risk assessment compliance for the British Museum, Australia House, commercial and industrial properties and local authorities. Neil also has a multitude of qualifications and over 30 years in the industry.

Mark Spooner
Web Manager

Mark is an experience Web Manager at West Four designing and building CMS based websites for the company. As part of the process of designing the sites we went through a process of establishing the users, the type of information they are looking for and how they might navigate the site. The sites are designed to ensure that they are viewable on mobiles, tablets and standard computers of various resolutions.

Simon Aldridge
Non-Executive Director

Simon's focus is on overseeing the company governance.

Adrian Mircea
CAD Services

Adi has been reproducing professional 2D Asbestos Floor Plans for West Four for over 4 years. He is available for privately commissioned CAD jobs at:

Mantas Kazlauskas
Senior Supervisor Asbestos Removal (Non Licensed Works)

Mantas has recently joined the team at West Four, although has worked with us assisting on surveys for the last 7 years. He has over 15 years experience in the construction industry in general construction and joinery. He has has recently obtained his UKATA Cat B Non Licensed Asbestos Removal Training, and is competent to carry out all non licensed tasks to a very high standard. An avid runner and long distance cycle competitor he's the right man to do the job right!